No Way To Say Goodbye

A unique new voice bringing a clever sinister novel that threads together this story of an aberrant consciousness faced with the abiding mystery of human evil.

A crime novel: a story of love found and lost; a ghost story; a mystery tale about a disappeared lover; a unique insider’s picture of life within a maximum security hospital; a philosophical lesson in how the world is perceived through the prism of an aberrant consciousness.

Rod Madocks - writer Rod Madocks - writer Rod Madocks - writer

Five steps lead up to the hidden world of the maximum security asylum. Jack Keyse is looking for the truth about what has happened to his vanished lover. He uses his professional contacts to get close to those that might be responsible and at the same time seeks forgetfulness in the chaos of his dissolute life. He comes to discover and to take vengeance but when at last he finds out the truth then his true challenge is to live with
that knowledge.

This long-distilled first novel threads all this together and more. The reader is drawn by the mesmeric haunting voice of the narrator into the dark pathways of this unforgettable work. The photographs that interweave with the text bring a further layer of mystery to a story that will stay with you.

My first novel….shortlisted by The Crime Writers Association John Creasey Dagger Award and featuring on ITV3’s Crime Thriller Awards.

We are all waiting for someone to come back from the past bringing a lost happiness.”

The story follows a search for a vanished lover within the secret world of the maximum security psychiatric institution.

If you go looking for the truth you’d better be ready to live with it afterwards.”

Rod Madocks


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